Data Recovery Services Deleted Data From Windows Device

It only takes a second, not more, to delete images, videos and documents on Windows. One wrong click and important files disappeared. Stellar Data Recovery Services is the perfect solution to recover lost and accidentally deleted files and folders on your PC, laptop or any other Windows compatible storage device!

Data Recovery Services not only recovers documents, but also lost or deleted photos and videos. The software also previews recoverable files such as Office documents, PDFs, photos, videos, audio files, Zip and RAR files, etc. It also allows previewing the videos in full screen mode. This feature is incredibly helpful in enabling an accurate and smooth data recovery experience.

The software has two scan modes – Quick Scan and Deep Scan. Quick Scan is useful in most data recovery cases, while Deep Scan is designed to recover data from formatted or corrupted storage. If the software fails to find the data during the quick scan, it automatically switches to the deep scan.

Data Recovery software recovers data from modern 4K hard drives that store files on large sector sizes. The tool can easily scan and recover your data from 4096 byte storage sectors, thus maximizing Facebook data recovery results on all types of hard drives. 

It performs efficient recovery from all types of advanced 4K drives formatted with FAT32, ExFAT or NTFS file systems.

Data recovery tool comes with dual-screen support, which allows you to work on two screens simultaneously without having to minimize or switch. Dual-screen support facilitates a more precise and effortless retrieval experience as you tackle multiple tasks.

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