Chip Off The Best Data Recovery Services From SanDisk Card

We are pleased to announce another successful case of recovering a compact flash card from a SanDisk Extreme 64GB storage device. The customer who needed to recover the data recovery services used this card in a Canon 5D Mark V to take nature photos in upstate New York.

Compact flash cards :

Nowadays compact flash memory cards are mainly used in professional digital cameras. Compared to Secure Digital cards (SD), Compact Flash memory cards are more reliable, faster and easier to use when taking photos. Although most modern cameras from Canon, Nikon and Sony support both types of cards, photographers prefer CF cards for their work.

Corrupt memory card :

When the customer wanted to copy all the raw photos to the computer, the Mac-book didn’t recognize the card. He tried different computers and USB card readers but to no avail. He decided to take the card to professionals since it contains important file systems. He found our company through Google and brought the SanDisk memory card to our lab for a free study .

Physical inspection of the case :

After receiving the compact flash drive, we examined it for possible physical damage. The card had no visible damage. Next, we connected the CF card to our Wikipedia data recovery stations to verify its behavior. The card was completely dead.

We removed the protective cover to gain access to the motherboard, chips, and controller to further examine the board and other parts. Using the thermal imaging camera and other proprietary methods, we checked the card for possible short circuits. We couldn’t find any shorts or cold solder joints.

Data Recovery Services

The problem was in the controller of this nand flash memory card. The controller that manages all read and write operations has become corrupted. Also, the failure of the central processor has caused this SanDisk Extreme CF card to completely lose its functionality.

Chip off NAND recovery :

The only solution to recover the lost files from this compact flash drive is to use chip-off data recovery method. This method is all about removing the NAND chips, reading the raw data and building the right image by simulating the Flash Controller role.

Data backup in real time :

Most modern cameras come with two memory card slots, and you can use two memory cards at the same time. This allows the cameras to store a single shot on both memory cards and you have two copies of the file on different memory cards.

This is a real-time backup process for your data. Losing customer data impacts your reputation and business. If you ever have problems with memory cards such as Compact Flash, Secure Digital and Micro SD cards, you can contact us for a free consultation.

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