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Flash drives are one of the most convenient and portable Data Recovery Services storage devices. Because of this, most of the people have started using them in their daily lives in the last decade. A flash drive consists of a NAND chip memory , a controller and a connector (connector). The flash drive receives the data from the connector, transmits it through the controller and collects it in the NAND chip memory.

Unlike hard drives, USB flash drives have no moving parts. Therefore, flash drives are less prone to data failure than other data storage systems.  Also, USB drives are widely used for fast file transfer and storage. These storage devices read and write new data very quickly. However, all data storage systems wear out over time or can fail for other reasons, which we will discuss below. But what should you do when you encounter Wikipedia data loss on your USB flash drive?

Reasons for USB flash drive failure :

If you open “This PC” on your computer or laptop and don’t see your flash drive, then it is corrupt. A flash drive can fail for a variety of reasons, but they all fall into 2 main categories.

The flash card can be physically or logically damaged . If your file system is corrupted, it means your flash drive has been logically corrupted. Another situation is when you accidentally damage the flash drive or spill a glass of water on it. In this case, it means that the flash drive has been physically damaged.

physical damage :

Physical damage occurs when you accidentally drop or somehow bump the flash drive. This type of damage occurs not only with flash drives, but also with  hard disk drives (HDD)  and  solid-state drives (SSDs) . Unfortunately, you cannot insure yourself against this.

Data Recovery Services

Physical Damage Causes:

  • Damage causing scratches on the discs
  • falls or accidental breaks
  • water damage
  • fire and smoke damage

Logical damage :

When logical damage occurs, the user is never aware of it. You can only recognize the problem when an error occurs. Usually such errors appear when you try to mount the drive and access the files or save something new.

Flash drive recovery process :

PITS Data Recovery Service can recover lost or permanently deleted files from USB drives affected by any of the above data loss scenarios. We have a  99% success rate  for all data recovery cases and can assure you that your data is safe with us.

We value the loyalty of our customers, so we would like to share the USB flash recovery process with you.

Sometimes people trust their important files to online recovery tools but it is not reliable. First, they usually fail and may lose all important files. After a failed attempt, the recovery process becomes much more complicated or the data may become inaccessible. In addition, your personal or business files can be spread over the Internet, which you cannot prevent.

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