The Best Data Recovery From A Damaged Flash Drive

Flash drives have long and firmly entered our lives. It is difficult to find the owner of a computer who does not have at least one. Transferring files between computers, reinstalling the system, backing up Data Recovery – all this has long been mastered by ordinary users. But sometimes unpleasant incidents occur and the user urgently needs to find a person who can Data Recovery from a damaged flash drive . Before rushing to call friends and repair shops, it is worth understanding what exactly is wrong with a flash drive , and whether it can be reanimated by yourself.

How to recover data from a damaged flash drive: causes and solutions to the problem :

There are three types of flash drive problems . The first is physical damage. They dropped it, poured water on it, a tram ran over the flash drive … You can only restore the data if the memory chip is not damaged. In this case, only a professional can carry out data recovery from a damaged flash drive .

The second type of problem is hardware. In this case, the controller chip is damaged or the control firmware is malfunctioning. Repair in this case is also best done by a person who is familiar with electronics and can solder a memory chip and then read the information.

The third type is software . In this case, you can try to deal with the problem yourself. Determining this type is easy enough: your computer sees the USB flash drive and displays it as removable media. It often looks like it’s empty or needs to be formatted. If there is no very valuable information on the flash drive , then you can try to deal with it yourself. Otherwise, contact the professionals. To recover Twitter data from a damaged flash drive , you need a special program.

How to recover data on a flash drive using programs?

There is a huge selection of both free and paid programs on the Internet. It is worth recommending some of them.

UFS Explorer – fully Russified, cross-platform and very easy to use. However, its free version does not allow you to save the recovered data.

R. Saver – can recover data from FAT and NTFS file systems . The program is free and aimed at non-professional users, has a user-friendly interface. Roughly speaking, you just need to press one button, and then the program will do everything itself.

There are many more programs, and search engines will undoubtedly help you find the right one for your case. If you still don’t want to search, then you can use the programs above.

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