The Best Data Recovery Services From Third Party SSD Card

Today, Data Recovery Services SSD drives are becoming increasingly popular, becoming a full-fledged replacement for HDDs. They are used as removable drives and also for storing OS, applications and user files.

Causes of SSD Data Loss :

The key causes of SSD data loss are:

  • user errors (accidental disk formatting, file deletion, system file corruption);
  • virus attacks;
  • OS malfunction;
  • malfunction of the block of magnetic heads;
  • wear of the magnetic layer or motor.

The Difficulties of SSD Data Recovery :

In most cases , Intel, Transcend, King-max, Corsair, Crucial, Plextor, Sand-force, and Silicon Power SSD drives cannot be recovered. A characteristic feature of the SSD is TRIM – an ATA interface command that forces the drive to physically clean up data blocks used to store deleted information.

Data Recovery Services

If this command was not executed or is not supported by a certain drive, OS, or interface between the SSD and the computer, you can recover data using the Hetman Partition Recovery application. Almost all modern SSDs support the TRIM command, but Mac OS (as well as versions of Windows prior to Windows Vista) do not, so you can recover SSD data deleted by this operating system. The TRIM command is not supported by the FireWire and USB protocols, which also facilitates the recovery of files from external media.

Recovering SSD data with Hetman Partition Recovery :

Recovery of an Intel SSD drive and information from drives from other manufacturers can be performed using the Hetman Partition Recovery application.

The program recovers Linkedin data from formatted and even damaged SSDs. To prevent SSD failure, you should monitor the SMART parameters and buy a new device in a timely manner.

We recommend that all manipulations related to data recovery be shifted to the shoulders of professionals. This will save you from having to understand all the intricacies of this difficult process, ignorance of which can negatively affect the result.

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